An unique multimedia artwork

Under development, to be released in March 2020

We are very proud to announce Pianistic Illusion, the latest revolution in the world of large-scale multimedia works. In front of you, a live pianist is surrounded by four virtual musicians projected on four screens. This performance's repertoire is an exploration of pop-rock music, adapted especially for quintet. You will experience an ambiophonic sound experience, intensified by magical lighting effects.

Pianistic Illusion is an interactive multimedia production; holographic musicians are completely interchangeable. The performers can alternately leave room for 12 different outstanding female musicians throughout the show to explore three musical genres: classical, rock, and electro. An interactive panel is available for you to make these changes; you are now part of the show!

This unique and futuristic work is the result of three years of intensive research and development in collaboration with several musical arrangers, professional musicians, and sound and visual designers. It is an outstanding show that exists nowhere else, designed for unique and customized events that are literally out of the norm.

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