Who are we?


Gestion Willart is a Quebec company that produces, designs, and implements projects in three main areas: digital media works, live music performances, and film and video projects. Our knowledge and experience in the performing arts allow us to offer you a wide variety of musical, multimedia, corporate, large-scale and intimate productions.

From large-scale concept-based shows to customized background music, nothing is beyond our team's reach. We are always attentive to your needs to make your event a memorable one.

Our film productions are geared towards small and large companies, as well as schools that want to live immersive experience, unlike any other. We have the right team to produce your promotional or professional video at an affordable price!

We also offer specialized technical services to assist you with various projects for shows, events, technological structures, or other multimedia projects.


Gestion Willart is a private company that was founded in 2010 by William Simard, a technology-savvy and multidisciplinary artist who began his musical journey at the Music Conservatory of Quebec City at the age of 10. He trained as a pianist and played several instruments, appeared on television in the 90s and recorded his first album at the age of 15. William has been the musical director of several major shows; he has collaborated with Nanette Workman, Donald Ray Johnson, Bruno Pelletier, Guy St-Onge, Véronique Claveau and Bryan Audet, only to mention a few. Computer developer, technical director and event producer, he has been able to surround himself with a solid team of performing arts professionals since 2003.

William is a creative and ambitious individual who defines himself by his appetite for risk and his constantly renewed quest for challenges that will lead him to improve his skills constantly. His versatile experience and artistic touch make him an undeniable leader in the field of performing arts.

Our Mission

We are pushing the limits to create a unique multi-sensory experience for you. We are pioneers in technological innovation; trust us, we'll show you what we're all about!

Meet our team

Our team of enthusiastic people will help you succeed in your project in a pleasing, professional, and courteous environment.

Gestion Willart is proud to work with the following partners, suppliers, and clients: